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Opinions please! Could a stock type quarter horse become an ok jumper?

I wonder if a stock type quarter horse (not appendix), that mean a bit of a heavier horse, but nothing like a halter type quarter horse that resemble a fight bull, could be trained to be an ok jumper? Lets say to jump decently courses up-to 2.3ft.

I’ve come across a breeder of quarter horses, that’s have the characteristics of the horse I’m looking for, they are pure bred, but as I said they are not the supper lean kind of quarter horse you see in the hunter rings.

In my opinion I think it wouldn’t be too much to ask, and I think a stock type quarter horse could be trained to be a decent jumper of small courses, it’s not like I’ll be trying to turn it into the next hickstead, I’m not stupid. I’m not saying all quarter horses are born natural jumpers, but I’m from the thought line that every horse can be taught to jump, but not all horses can be good jumpers

What I would be doing with this horse, would only be a bit of dressage, a bit of jumping, but only for recreational purposes, no showing. Just a horse to enjoy.

I’ve only ever worked with hunter tipe or appendix quarter horses so that’s why I would like to hear what I have to say.

So opinions please?

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