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Funny story: I always had the feeling I would never had to experience a broken rib, well shit now I have 3.

Today i had had worst ever fall to this day.

It was stupid, I don’t want to talk about it, but I guess this things are just supposed to happen sometimes.

Anyways we were jumping I fell to the front and under the horse, and even if he tryed his best to avoid me( or so I heard) he steped on me.

I have three broken ribs and a forming bruise the size of Africa on my side. Apparently one of the ribs was very deviated to the inside and it hurst so much and it’s so uncomfortable and I’m advices to pay really close attention to it in case it might puncture my lunge.

But anyhow the big picture is not bad, I’m allowed to do everything I want, said the doctor, that means also riding, but he laughed, cause he said the pain will not let me.

We’ll see, maybe if I feel better next week I can start walking him around the school and maybe doing little hacks with him.

Still love him to death! And I won’t let this set me back!

Funny story: all the people in the ER were laughing at me cause I was crying like crazy when I heard the diagnose (from the x-Ray guy, so we were in the waiting room) and I was crying so hard because he said I would be able to ride in at least three months and I just panicked.



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i want to die.


i just wish there was a way i could come to some sort of arragement with my parent. that i could make them understand that i just don’t want to live anymore, but that they should not be sad. it will be just like taking the decition to go to another country, we’ve donde that before, the only difference this time is that i would never come back. But they can be sure i’ll be allright. I just don’t want to comit suicide and take them by surprice and cause them too much pain.

rereadin some of the things i wrote at the beginning of this year when i was at the bottom and añmost literally dying from my depression. this is so sad. i’m a million times better now, but still i dont think this woulndt be such a bad idea, thought i not so fixated on dying anymore.

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